Many managers struggle with being too busy, fighting fires in their organisation and reacting to the problems encountered by their team. If this is you, wouldn’t it be great if you could get your people to show more initiative, come up with a creative solutions, develop action plans and solve each problem they encounter by themselves.
Consider how much extra time you would have and what you would do with that time. What strategic priorities could you invest your time into? What projects could you undertake that would grow your business or develop further opportunities for your organisation?
Most managers and leaders think developing their staff is something separate from their day-to-day responsibility of managing their team and takes large amounts of time and money. This means it either doesn’t receive the investment it deserves, or gets forgotten all together.
What if you could apply the skillset of an executive coach in a way that develops your staff while you manage them.
This would allow you to:
  • Coach yourself through workplace challenges
  • Foster initiative in your staff
  • Facilitate innovative problem solving
  • Influence team mindset
  • Empower people
  • Create a proactive culture that increases productivity and performance.

Using coaching skills is the most effective way for a leader or manager to develop individuals, enhance team capability and build a proactive culture in the workplace.

I just want to let you know that I have launched registration for my COACHING LEADER WORKSHOP coming up on Friday, 1st of March. This one-day training is all about equipping business owners, managers and organisational leaders with the skills of an executive coach, in order to enhance the way they lead and develop their staff at work.
I firmly believe this small investment of just one day will see you equipped with the skills to empower and develop your staff, releasing you to do and achieve what you want to do.
I hope you will take the next step in fulfilling your leadership potential and join us. I look forward to working with you.
Until next time… Lead well.
PS – If you know someone else in your network who might also be interested, please feel free to pass this invitation on.